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What is GC Orussey Market?

GC Orussey Market is a 6-storey wholesale market that is designed in a thoughtful way to dedicate each storey to a particular theme like grocery, jewelry, fashion, souvenir, electrical appliances, etc

GC Orussey Market has inherited traditional Khmer architecture and Khmer ancient trading wisdom.  This shall become a  Cambodian local wholesale market and a tourist hotspot.  It serves as an extension of the existing Orrusey Market.

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Our Logo

Our logo is designed with three towers surrounding Apsara which represents our slogan “Inheritance · Tradition · Wisdom” while our core value is “Inheritance”.

GC Orussey Market is not just a wholesale market, but a landmark of the valuable possession of Cambodians. We carry the belief, characteristics, and feel of culture from the past to modern days. We are certain that each one of us can pass down the knowledge, business, and commitment to the next generation.


Stall Layout

The market stalls are divided into different zones by different levels. With different products display theme on each floor, giving the overflowing variation in shops, thus each stall needs to be flexible and versatile to display the diverse merchandise of each layout. Market stalls are customizable by each retailer, racks, and shelving can be set up based on the individual need of vendors and stalls also incorporate storage on the roof conveniently.

H O W   D O   W E   H E L P  Y O U   T O   S T A R T  A N D   G R O W  A  B U S I N E S S ?

Unlike any other commercial property investment,  four unique features are offered to all GC Orussey stall owners :

Young Asia lady fashion designer using mobile phone receiving purchase order and showing clothes recording video live streaming online at shop. Small business owner, online market delivery concept.

Livestream Studio

A livestream studio to be used by all business owners of GC Orussey Market



An e-commerce platform to be used by all business owners of GC Orussey Market


Stall Design

A physical stall which will encourage the business owner  to decorate their own space, suiting their personalities, standards, and products



A dedicated logistic area that will optimize business owners’  logistic operations

The Team